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Officially finished up one half of my college courses today, and things are looking seriously good at that!! Can't wait to have more time to dedicate to guitar! :rock-hand: :skull: :rock-hand:
That's poggers!! I still have like one more year before graduating high school. I'm planning to take the music program in college. Tho, not sure if I want to take a gap year. It would be beneficial to as I can improve my playing by far before auditioning and getting into college. But hope you do very well in college.
Millie Imber
Millie Imber
Hell yeah man, you go for whatever you think is best!! It sounds like you've got a good idea of what you want, which is good lol. Thank you!
Killer version of bat country by Nikki stringfield!
Barre chords are the worst.
With that being said, I decided to learn 4 songs and all of them use those barre chords.
Why, God? Why?
After 8 days without even touching my guitar because my neck was hurting, I'm back to practicing 🙌🏼 let's hope I don't need to stop for this reason again 😒
Status Quo...NEVER! I just had a real breakthrough in my musical world!
My brain finally put the keyboard and my fretboard together. Not sure why but I have been getting better by watching others have great success. Can't wait for more to come. I just began using this feature way more after re-watching the stream watching Syn and Papa!
Thank you for that:rock-hand:
Just one question: I want to upload an original to media but can't since I'd have to first upload on like YouTube or something like that first and want to attach a file instead. Would it be possible to upload onto a thread or something since I can attach files? Thanks in advance.
Millie Imber
Millie Imber
Preferably, videos would need to go into the media section to keep things tidy, which would require a YouTube (or similar platform) upload. If you don't want your video to be public on YouTube, you can set the video to "Unlisted" during the upload process, and then only people with the link (For example, people on this site) will be able to see it. Hopefully this helps :)
Attachments in threads and posts will only allow images. You would still be forced to use a link for videos. Sorry about that!
Nah, it's fine. I just decided to upload on Youtube anyway. Thanks!
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Why can I play videos on Syngates website?
Can or can't? (Just to be sure I don't take this question the wrong way). If you can't, same here, I seem to be having trouble being able to watch videos.
We looked into this and it seems to be something we can't control. I recommend using a VPN. I'm sorry 💔
Anyone have any good song recommendations (a7x or otherwise) to learn that are similar in style to unholy confessions? I'm not super good at solos which is why I really like unholy confessions.
Chapter Four’s a good one from A7X
Ik Danger Line is a really easy one. Heard that songs off the Hail to the King album are easy too tho I've never taken the time to down-tune to drop C# to learn them but they at least sound simple.

How do I upload a riff?
What's a C Major scale?
@Dominik Gräber is being mean to me.
I don't feel like I fit in here
How come Papa doesn't write me back?
Why isn't Syn more active here?
I want your attention
Can you practice the guitar for me?
How do I post a forum?
How do I play guitar?
Can you hook me up with a free lesson from Bill?
hey guys, I was wondering how everyone here works on their timing groove etc. Is metronome the only was to get a good internal time feel.
Any exercises to work on this?
Brian Haner Sr.
Brian Haner Sr.
Hey Dhananjay!
Play your metronome on 2 & 4. So if you want to play a groove at 100bpm - set your metronome to 50bpm (half). Each click say 2,4,2,4, then add a 1 & 3 in-between. Like this:
2, 4, 2, 4, 2341 2341 2341 etc. Then start emphasizing the 1 until it feels right. It's tricky at first because you naturally want to put the click on 1 & 3, but once you "hear" the click on 2 & 4 - you're ready to jam, practice, etc.
If your brain turns it around and puts the beat back on 1 & 3, start over again.
This exercise makes you responsible for 1 & 3. It help sets your internal clock and will improve your time & groove by 1000% percent.
Chris Johnston
Chris Johnston
A metronome is a solid way to get your timing & rhythm down for sure. If the click gets too tedious though, there are Drum tracks on youtube that work great. Search '4/4 drum beat' & some should show up.

You also can't beat jamming along to a track to build your groove too 👌
Dhananjay Chhettri
Dhananjay Chhettri
Thank you for the advices. Will definitely try the metronome on 2 & 4 as Papa Gates suggested.

Avenged Sevenfold-Afterlife solo cover
Synyster Gates has always been my biggest inspiration,i played guitar for many years just to master this solo,and the day came.
i also inserted additional licks to the solo and created a presolo.i hope he watches and likes.
Greetings to all members of this beautiful community

My instagram

Improv is being uploaded soon to this as I couldn't really be live while doing the lead part. But I got a decent enough take remember the chord changes. I'll upload it when it's finished probably by tomorrow. I hope this answers Pablo's question. Although I didn't use 2nd 5th or 7ths.. im gonna attempt that on my next song.