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So there is a slight chance I get my LTD guitar replaced by Thomann and I am thinking about getting an Epiphone Matt Heafy 7 string. Do you think that is a good idea? Cause I mainly use my current guitar for drop D stuff. Don't even know common tunings of a 7 string...
Taking the kids to their first concert, Queen, they are beyond excited.
I ordered Syns signature guitar, out of the box will it be ready to set for drop d?
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Ids Schiere
Ids Schiere
Guitars are usually set up for standard
It will probably be in E standard. But putting it into drop D isn't a huge change in string tensions so you won't have to do the setup again.
I just spend 18 minutes doing the analysis for Buried Alive and for some reason my phone did not save it anywhere. I guess I got to redo it tomorrow😅

Maybe it will be shorter too